Our Markets are packed with great tasting local offerings unique to our stores. These delightful products from Northwest producers are another reason that shopping at the Green Markets are fun and not a chore. Scroll down to see our "customer favorites" list!
Smith Brothers Smith Brothers
Founded in 1920 in the Historic Kent Valley, Smith Brothers does things the old fashion way. 100% of their milk comes from local cows that are given the best care possible. Free of artificial growth hormones Smith Brothers cows are fed local Grade A grains and grasses.
Honey I'm Home Honey I'm Home
Pulling from local producers and distributors, using no additives or preservatives, the Honey I’m Home catering crew works magic in all their specialty products. We carry spreads, soups, salad dressing and dessert bars.
Macrina Bakery Macrina Bakery
Seattle’s favorite old world bakery, rustic and delicious. The Green Market stocks a daily supply of their delicious cookies, rolls, small baguettes, and squash bread on the weekends.
Columbia City Bakery Columbia City Bakery
The Green Market is proud to be one of the retail location to offer the incredible quality and taste of Columbia City Bread. Chances are you have experienced their bread at one of several great restaurants they serve around town. The Green Market and Columbia City Bakery are a natural fit; two family businesses passionate about what they do.
Whidbey Island Ice Cream Whidbey Island Ice Cream
What makes their ice cream so special? It starts with using only the highest quality ingredients, like an ice cream mix that has higher-than-usual butterfat content (18%), which gives the ice cream a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture. The ice cream is made in small batches and everything is done by hand, including hand-dipping their bars in semi-dark Chocolate. Don't want to miss out on that!
Skylight Farms Skylight Farms
Skylight Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located in Snohomish, Washington. We use sustainable, and ecological practices, and take pride in growing delicious food for our community. We grow a diverse mix of vegetables, fruit, and herbs, maintain a flock of pastured hens for eggs, operate our own bee hives, and have a small herd of beef cattle.
Theo Chocolate Theo Chocolate
Theo puts pure joy in every bite and it comes from passion. For Theo, it’s about more than chocolate. It’s about the land, the people, the dedication and the interconnected relationships that bind us all. It means deliberate and thorough stewardship at every stage in the agricultural and manufacturing process. Small batch production is truly an art form. Theo was the first organic, fair trade certified chocolate maker in North America, and we remain one of only a handful today.
Patty Pan Patty Pan Co-Op
Patty Pan Cooperative is a thoughtful, progressive food business committed to exploring creative approaches to eating well and living well. We're proud to be Seattle's oldest farmers' market concession, having provided hot, ready-to-eat food at outdoor events since 1997, when there were only two neighborhood markets in the city. Patty Pan sources most of our staples from the farmers who are our friends and neighbors at the markets.